Dear working mom, you are doing great!

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Hello Dear Working Moms,

This post is more like a shoutout to all the working moms out there, with no offense to the Stay-at-home-moms.

They say:

With the birth of a child, a parent is also born

And becoming a parent brings with a huge set of responsibilities. Well as per my experience, I feel that real challenges of life begin as soon as you take the decision of becoming a parent, and I know many of you out there would agree to it.

Motherhood is lot more than cute selfies and a happy baby – it takes the sanity out of you, pushes you to the extreme to test out your patience and tries its best to make you break apart. Add another aspect to it now, you are a working mom/aspire to be working.

The decision of working after you have a baby is in itself a huge step to take – you always have an inner fight of whether you are doing justice to your kid(if your family is not financially dependent on you). Which has been my case as well, not that my family needs me to earn, but I want to, mostly because it is really hard for me to stay at home – Does that make me a bad mother?

Have you ever asked yourself – I am a mother, but does that mean that I have to sacrifice my own personal goals to be a “good” mother? Well if you ask me, the answer to it is no. You do not have to spend your entire life having a thought in the back of your mind that you could have done a lot with your life if only.

And if you really look at it, we have so many examples of working moms who did great as a mom without compromising on their career. Do we not know Chanda Kocchar? This Letter from Chanda Kocchar to her daughter made me respect her even more.

I know that it is hard to look after the family, your work as well as your baby, but with some help from your family, and the right care-providers, everything is possible. In my case, my husband is very supportive and he helps me out in a lot of things – be it household chores or looking after the baby.

Being a mother is more about imbibing the right values in your child, which I am sure you would, even if you work. When your child sees you, he/she runs over to hug you that makes you feel all so happy and loved – see, you being a working mom does not make your child love you lesser. When you reach home and spend few hours with your baby, you feel that you are not being isolated from his/her life and you are still spending quality time with them.

So dear working mom, you are doing a great job raising your child. If you feel burnt out , try outsourcing some tasks like cooking and cleaning and be present with the child completely when you are together. If people judge you, let them be – they have nothing better to do. It is your life and your child.

One day you will be proud of the decision you made. And happy to see an independent child that you raised without any regrets!

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