What you need NOT buy for a baby?

Congratulations to all the would-be parents. Your tiny little bundle of joy would be arriving soon and you want to be ready ahead of time and buy everything in advance. There are so many options available in the market these days that the mind just boggles. So to help you with this situation, and from my own experience, I am jotting down a list of things that you need not buy for your baby. You either don’t need them or you have better/cheaper substitutes.

I know having a baby shakes down the budget. I am also aware that a new member is coming to your family and you are pretty excited, you want to give them everything in the world. But, this is not really the right time to spend on things that you don’t need. You will either learn that from this post, or you will learn it the hard way, by putting in the money and then realizing later. I am hoping that you don’t have to  learn the way that is not right!


So below is the list of things that you need not buy for your baby:

  • Baby shoes– As cute as they may look and as hard as it might be to resist you from buying them, they frankly do not serve any purpose. And they sure are costly. You can just put on a pair of socks on those precious little feet and they should be good. Should you spend so much on the baby shoes – a big No No. I did not buy one for my Little one until she started standing up by herself i.e. at 8 months. What I did instead was buy her some Anti Skid Socks that are comfortable and not too pricey.


  • Baby towels – Don’t get tempted by those pretty prints and not-so-worth towels. They do the work as much as a regular towel does. Your baby anyway doesn’t know what is printed on it.


  • Travel Changing Pads – They are another unnecessary item that people pay for. You don’t really need them. The one that came with the Diaper Bag of my daughter works just fine. I also had brought some from the hospital which I use at home.


  • Pacifier cleaner wipes – Unless you travel in a desert where you can not pour a little water over the pacifier to clean it, pacifier cleaning wipes are a waste of money and just lower the immunity of your LO if you just keep on sanitizing everything around them. If you are really concerned about them accumulating germs, give them a rolling boil!


  • Special detergent – The way they market all baby stuff makes you wonder what adverse effects using a regular detergent to wash your baby’s clothes would have on the skin of your little  munchkin. But in reality, they are all marketing gimmicks. Regular detergents work just fine. So just because the baby aisle showcases the baby detergent, you need not really spend double the money.


  • Baby dishwashing liquid – As important as it may seem, it is not necessarily needed to pay some extra bucks to buy a baby dishwashing liquid, as this would be more harmless. The regular dishwashing liquids that we use to clean our utensils are as good in doing the job and no health concerns and can be safely used for washing baby bottles and dishes as well.


  • Baby starter Kits – Yes buying them would save you time, but not every product from the same brand is good, also they are mostly pricey when compared to buying each item individually. What I have mostly seen is that the Starter Kits have some extra stuff as well that you pay for, even if you never use them. A smart look at it would definitely make you ponder on the fact that – why pay more for something you don’t/won’t need.

So, all dear new parents, it might be overwhelming and you also might have an urge to buy everything for the upcoming addition to your family, but, I would suggest you take a pause and think before you buy. Having a baby is anyway an expensive affair. You do not have to buy everything sitting out there on the Baby aisle. And if you have any more suggestions that you think can be added to the list, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Spend wisely! Cherish every moment with your little one.

Happy Parenthood!


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