I use a pacifier for my baby!

Baby using pacifier

Every would be parent decides upon some rules when they are cherishing the pregnancy. They are normally unaware of the fact of how it would actually turn out to be. So was the case of I and Amrit. Throughout the pregnancy we were thinking of the stuff that we would NOT DO as a parent. Not using a pacifier topped our list.

As soon as we would see a baby sucking a pacifier we would frown upon it, thinking that is it that necessary. But they say never judge anyone, and I must tell that they are right. Our daughter Ameeksha is 8 months old now, and here I am advocating the fact that she uses a pacifier. And frankly, I do not have a problem with that.

Let me explain to you why. Not because I owe an explanation to anyone anywhere, but so that next time when another would be parent thinks of NOT using a pacifier, he/she is aware of the fact that it is not as bad as it looks like. And it is a life savior. Not convinced? Read on:


What made me change my opinion about pacifiers?

I was determined that come what may, I won’t let Ameeksha use a pacifier. I will take as much as it takes to calm and console her, but not let her get addicted to a binky. We were able to somehow drag through 3 months without using one, but it was taking a toll only health and my peace.

I was getting much more restless than her as she would cry endlessly, even after feeding, diapering and sleeping. She would wake up in the middle of the night, take her feeding and then she won’t go back to sleep at all. It was exhausting. As I was still trying to recover from the C-section surgery, and all my energy was going into just trying to make her stop crying. I did not know what to do. I never used to have the verve that a new parent is supposed to have(at least what the TV commercials show).

Then it was this one day when she would not stop crying at all. I had tried everything – rocking her, feeding her, changing her nappies ; nothing was helping. Being exhausted, I was losing my temper now. It was then that I decided that not giving her a pacifier is not as important as maintaining my sanity for the well-being of me and my family. I gave her the pacifier, the crying stopped immediately. Must say I was happily-shocked! I found a friend, a friend that I needed the most then. The friend that took away my misery and showed that yes, life can be beautiful, just losen up.

This is a big shout out to all the new parents. If you think that you are losing on your life because of some norms that society has set out for you, please stop listening to them. You are the best person to decide what suits you and your child. The child will eventually grow and change habits. Don’t introduce new problems to your life by creating some rules that don’t really matter in the long run. My husband always says – “It is important for me to stay happy ad healthy. Then only I will be able to take care of the family”. If it takes a pacifier for my baby to keep me happy and healthy, then we are up for it.

Parenting is not easy. Every new day is a new lesson learnt. The biggest thing to note here is don’t stop evolving and don’t just go by the books. Use your conscience and make your own rules. Nobody knows your baby better than you do.

Happy parenting!

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