A Trip to Vegas with Family

Las Vegas, the sin city, visiting it is a dream for almost everyone. For some, it is all the obvious reasons, but for others it is all about the grandeur and the ability to see so many places at one single place.  Confused about what I am saying? Don’t worry I will make myself clear.

Las Vegas is not just about gambling and entertainment as the common notion. There is so much more to it. Its history is as astounding as the city itself. It has a huge number of grand hotels that are themed to be major vacation spots in themselves. So, visiting Vegas is like having a budgeted world tour!

It was this New Year when my in-laws had come to visit us as we just had our first baby that we planned a trip to the city. And now, since we were traveling with family and also an infant, it rules out completely the possibility of going for gambling or anything that stands for some adult fun. So the whole point of going to Las Vegas was changed. And let me tell you, it turned out so well that I can recommend anybody to take a trip to Las Vegas with family and I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

So what was the most interesting part of our trip was – we stayed in 4 different hotels for our 5 days stay. Sounds crazy isn’t it? We hopped in different hotels with family and a 2 months old. But let me tell you, it was not as difficult as it sounds. In fact it was a lot of fun.

Give me the opportunity to give you a virtual tour with our itinerary:

This was the first hotel where we checked-in. And this was the first trip for my daughter so she got a little cranky and I learnt my lessons of What to do when you travel with an infant. Much of this day we were just in the hotel resting. At the evening we went around to explore the hotel and casinos. And let me tell you, the way Vegas gets lit up with all those LED screens and florescent lights, it looks like the whole city is having a party.



This day, we took the benefit of going to Hakassan nightclub as our daughter slept with her grandparents, and I must tell you, the crowd there was crazy. Blame it on New Year’s day? We danced our hearts out and enjoyed till the time my feet gave up and we returned to the hotel so that we can have another exciting day the next day.

This was undoubtedly my favorite. I had never seen such grandeur throughout my life. The whole hotel is built to replicate the Roman Empire under the well-known emperor Julius Caesar. I loved our room and the hotel pool. It also had a wedding chapel for people who would want to get married there. I managed to get posed with my husband. Hehe. How could I miss that!



In the evening, we spent a good amount of time in the Forum Shops at Caesars palace. It offers various instagram-worthy photo spots as well apart from the amazing shopping experience.


That night we also went to the Strip and saw the Volcano show at Mirage . It is a free show where you can see choreographed lava and fireballs being shot at thrilling soundtracks. It can be watched from the strip and you have to stand to see it. So make sure to ensure a spot for yourself. This is one show that I would recommend you must not miss if you go to Vegas.

This one is another amazing hotel that is built in the shape of Pyramid! How interesting is that. The whole hotel is themed in an Egyptian style with Pharaohs and Maus all over. This was not as luxurious as Caesars’ , but hey, we lived in a Pyramid.




So the day of our stay in Luxor, we went around other spots in Vegas. All of us went to Bellagio to see the Botanical gardens, but unfortunately they were under maintenance.

So, we went to Venetian and saw the Gondola Rides and another Venetian show that is performed by the Shoppes at Venetian.


We also went to New York New York to strike a pose with the Statue of Liberty. It was all fun.

And we were to leave for Red Rock Canyon the next day, so we also needed a good night’s sleep. So we retired to our rooms to recharge ourselves for the next day

So this day, before going to the hotel, we went to visit the Hoover Dam. It was an engineering marvel about which I can go on and on describing its beauty and my experience there.

It was chilling out there, and there was this vast expanse of water before me all held together with this mighty dam. I was left gasping.



But that’s not the point right now. So, after making some amazing memories out there, we went to out last hotel – The Red Rock Canyon. And yes, it was special too. Why you may ask. Even I did not know the answer up until I woke up next morning and saw the view of the amazing red rock canyon from the Hotel room. It was a sight worth cherishing for a lifetime.


After having a sumptuous breakfast there, we went for a scenic drive of the red rock canyon. And it was so awesome!! The cold windy day added to its beauty.


So this was my experience at Vegas with Family!

Those of you who have been there, do share your experiences with us. And those of you who want to visit Vegas, guys, go for it!

Happy traveling!!


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