How to ditch expensive hotels for your next trip?

I have the Travel bug in me like most of you reading this post. But traveling can be really expensive. Apart from transportation, you have to take care of lodging and food as well. All these expenses shoot so high that the probability of going for a trip goes lower.

I want to travel as often as I can, as far as I can. But, keeping in view that we need to keep a check on our spending too, I often tend to search for cheaper alternatives where I do not have to compromise with the quality.

So this time when my research began, I found some really useful websites that would definitely bring down the lodging costs to as low as a third of the standard hotel rates.

Here is the list of the best finds that you can use when you plan your next travel:

  1. AirBnB – This one happens to be my personal favorite. If you are not a big fan of staying in luxury hotels and spending huge sums of money, then this is definitely the go to choice. AirBnB offers a huge variety of stay options at prime locations and the rates are pretty cheaper as compared to the big hotel names in the area. Also, if you stay with a recognized host, then you are in for some great hospitality!
  2. – This is an international booking website of Priceline. They usually have the grand as well as the cheaper hotels listed on them. For this one, its all about the timing.  They occasionally have great deals listed on there website. So if you have an eye for attention and have the patience to search for deals, don’t forget this website. Who knows you score a great hotel at cheap rates.
  3. Trip Advisor –  If you are looking for a website that plans your entire trip and gives you a variety of choices in terms of hotels as well as best rates, this is the one to look at. They claim to have the best lowest rates.
  4. – This one happens to be a newbie and does not have much availability. But, if you are able to find an availability, then you are a lucky one, its hard to find cheaper prices than this one mostly.
  5. – This is another website that is here on the list owing to the fact that they offer great deals periodically just like and scoring a deal here is actually a big deal. You can get amazing hotels at unbelievable prices.


So, the next time you plan on going for a trip, make sure that you go to the sites listed above. Apart from the fact that all of these have great deals and can help you plan your next travel at way cheaper rates, don’t forget to match the prices at all of them as it is all about the timing.

Hope you save some bucks next time you travel!

If you know of any other such great websites that could help lower the travel costs, please comment below.


  1. Tripadvisor is an amazing resource. It has so much info on places with recommendations of where to go and what to see as well as cost saving.

  2. Great list! Airbnb has definitely become my personal favorite=) Before it became so popular, we previously used homeaway and VRBO for vacation rentals, but it was always soooo nerve racking sending the payment directly to a stranger and just hoping for the best.=\ We never had an issue, but I feel so much better paying through the Airbnb medium.

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