How to keep your toddler entertained on a plane?

Toddler on a flight
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Last year when my little one was an infant, I did a post on traveling with babies. But now, when we were traveling from India back to US(over 24 hours in flight) after celebrating her first birthday(she has grown into a toddler), the challenges seem to have changed. This is her picture from when we were traveling to India:

travelling baby
About to Board a flight to India

So here I am sharing with you the tips and tricks of traveling with a toddler and keeping them entertained:

  • Carry the snacks that your kid loves the most

This happens to be the biggest life-saver for me.  My daughter loves to munch upon stuff. So I always carry a variety of snacks for her in her Diaper Bag. Whenever she gets cranky, I offer her something to eat – voila! she is a happy abby again. I am sure that this is a great distraction for these high-energy toddlers who drain their and our energy pretty quickly.

  • Carry a coloring book and some crayons

This is also a new favorite of my daughter Ameeksha. She loved to be the Picasso. So a couple of Pencil colors/Crayons and a paper keeps is good to keep her busy for some time. Although most of the airlines usually provide such kits for them as a souvenir, but it is still best to carry one with you. Just in case!

  • Download your kid’s favorite rhymes well in advance

Who would disagree that their toddler loves to watch rhymes and however much you try to avoid screen time, it is a big time sanity saver when taking a long-haul flight. Have off-line rhymes saved onto your cellphone so as to keep him/her busy for a while. This is the Youtube channel Ameeksha loves!

  • Chat with other Passengers

I am amazed to see how these little explorers love to talk and wave hi to strangers. Use it to your benefit and you will be happy to see how the other passengers love to talk to these Awww sooo cute babies 😛 and hey you don’t have to put in that much energy with the kiddo at that time.. Win-Win!!

  • Let your little one walk around the aisle(under your supervision)

Its hard for kids this age to sit at one place. So let them explore around.  Let them walk around the aisle and make some new friends. Make sure to be with them though!

  • Play your kid’s videos on phone/laptop

I don’t know why, but Ameeksha is obsessed with herself at this age. She would smile at herself in the mirror and loves to see her pictures/videos. Use it to make your kid happy for a while.

As some icing on the top, here are some Tips for parents:

  • Wear a backpack

Instead of carrying handbags, wear backpack so that your hands are free and the luggage weight divides across your shoulders.

  • Have the Diaper supplies full

Before starting from home, make sure that you have all the Diaper supplies needed, plus some extra(including any medications)

  • Carry some water for your child

Airlines allow baby food and water bottles, so, make sure that you carry a bottle of water with you. You can not always wait for the stewardess when your child really needs some water, right?

  • Carry some Tylenol with you

This may sound unimportant but it is important for you to be healthy along the flight so as for you to be able to take care of your child. Carry a Tylenol/ any other painkiller with you in case you feel tired/sick, pop one right then before it worsens-you have a journey to finish with an energy bomb!!


If there are any more such tips/tricks that you use while traveling with your toddler, let us know in the comments below! Happy travels with a Happy Kiddo!

How to keep your toddler entertained on the plane

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