How to strive a Long Distance Relationship

Before I met my now husband Amrit, I had no idea what a long distance relationship could mean and what is there like ‘striving it’. I used to think that for a relationship to be fruitful, you have to meet the person often, go out for dates, see each other regularly!

But now having lived that phase, I can completely understand and relate to what ‘striving it’ means. And most importantly how to have a beautiful long-distance relationship.

This might sound funny, but even after our marriage what I hear on an almost daily basis from my spouse is that he wants the courtship period back! Strange as it may sound, but we really made the best out of it.


Here is a list of things that might help you have a good one too :

  1. Do what your heart says

    I had a whole bunch of people advising me not to go for a long distance one. But had I listened to them and not to what my heart said was right for me, I wouldn’t have found the perfect person as my life partner. No Long Distance Relationships DO NOT SUCK!

  2. Build trust on each other

    Trust is the foundation of any relationship. But in this scenario, it becomes far more important, more because you are not physically present with the other person. As much as it lures for suspicion, if you guys succeed in building trust in this phase, I bet you, it can easily turn into the strongest pillar of your relationship. So, thumb rule – never lie to each other and let the love blossom!

  3. Communicate

    Speak your heart out. Yes, express your feelings as much as possible. Like something tell them, dislike something-tell them. Just talk about everything. When  you don’t get to meet each other physically, the best you can do is communicate and by sharing what all is going on n your life, you make them feel that they are living it with you. What else can one ask for! You can also check these apps

  4. Have Skype  dates

    This might not sound that interesting, but seeing your loved one – even though just on a video call can be helpful. We used to have very frequent Skype calls and let me tell you, after a while, it became an inevitable part of our lives. It made us feel close to each other. Seeing the sleepy face of your partner when you wake up(thanks to the different time zones) can make your day.

  5. Share your schedules

    Let your partner be aware of your schedules. Though they are not near you, but, by doing so, you make sure that they know when and where you might be busy. This can avoid a lot of unnecessary arguments and fights and also, the other person can utilize that time in something else rather than waiting for you. After all you have to think about your partner as well. Isn’t it?

  6. Surprise each other

    Who doesn’t love surprises? But the weightage increases even more when in a Long distance relationship. Simply because it somehow feels that yes they do really care. A selfie, a heartfelt email or even a little message can do the trick. Amrit even surprised me with hand-written greetings that came through posts. Ohh how romantic that was! You know your partner better and so you know how to surprise them. Get your crazy hats on!

  7. Prefer calling over texting. Mantra – Never fight over texts

    OK. So here is another really important tip. Call call call. Just don’t confine yourselves to chats. Hearing each other’s voices act like an addicting activity.And, my last piece of advice would be – do not fight over texts. They only worsen the situation and create misunderstandings.

  8. Believe in each other

    Believe in each other and the love between you two. And I bet, you would get the best out of your time together – though physically apart.

Yes, being in a long distance relationship can be a tough task and hard to enjoy. It becomes much more difficult if you are in different time zones. But worked out correctly, it can turn out to be the best phase of your life.

If you have any suggestions or comments/questions, please feel free to write them below or drop an email to me in the contact section.

Have a good one!





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