When can I give solids to my Baby?

Well, if you are reading this, you can probably relate to this question – ‘When can I give solids to my baby?’. Either you want an answer to it, or someone asked you about it. This is a very common confusion that mothers have. I too was in a dilemma before I started solids for my 4 months old after her pediatrician suggested me to add solids to her diet.

I know that people say that you should not even give water to baby before 6 months of age as they say that it is harmful to the baby. But first things first, does milk not have water? At least the formula supplement has it, and I am sure it does no harm to babies. So, not giving anything to baby except milk is just a myth. And coming to giving actual food to baby, do we not hear that their child grew to a picky eater? Can delaying the introduction of solids be a reason? Let us find out.

When is the right time to transition your baby to solids?

Is there a specific timeline that should be followed? Are there some sign that suggest that the baby is ready for solids? Will my baby be able to digest it? The list of questions is endless. The confusion of a mother is never-ending.

This post would help you get a clearer picture of as to when you can introduce solids to your baby’s diet.

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, solids can be started as early as 4 months of age. Just watch out for the below signs:

  1. Baby can hold the head upright

    Babies that can hold their head upright are more likely not to have the gagging reflux. So, this should be the most important sign that you have to look out for. It would not be a very suggested idea to feed solids to a baby that can still not hold the head upright.

  2. Baby shows interest in your food

    Does your baby try to snatch your food when you are eating and he/she is around. Well, they want some of it. Looks like they are telling you that they are ready for the solid food.  This is another sign you need to watch out for if you often wonder when you would start solids for your child. Listen, your child is already telling you mom.

  3. Baby feels hungry very soon after being fed

    This is one big factor to decide whether you should start solids for your child. If you just fed your child and after not much time, the baby seems to be hungry again, its a sign that they need something more than just milk. It signifies that solids are needed to satisfy their appetite now. So bring on the variation to the feeding schedule.

Often times, its hard to decide whether to start with solids or not. One major reason being we don’t really know when our baby would be ready for it. People also tend to postpone introducing solids thinking that it might hurt the digestive system of the baby. But these are just some stories that we have been hearing from others and has no rationale associated. Start with baby food and your baby will learn to eat as well as digest. Babies are born learners.

Its a proven fact that babies who start solids early are less picky eaters. Who would want a picky eater just because some random aunt says that you should not start solids just yet!!

So moms, next time someone asks you if they can start solids, just remember these questions.

Raise a healthy and happy eater! Reduce the stress in your life. It is a win-win situation for both you and your baby.

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