The Sonu Nigam -Loudspeaker controversy

Couple days back, I woke up and was going through my twitter feed where I found that Sonu Nigam had something anti-religious. I have always liked his songs and always thought that he would be a good human being. So, I wanted to know as to what he said that was causing so much unrest over the social media.

So,I went to his account to see what he actually tweeted and couldn’t really figure out where he has criticized any religion per say?

Is he not very specific to the adverse effect that the loudspeakers have. Agree to it or not, all of us get annoyed with loud sounds – be it the Azaan or the morning Bhajan or even a minister shouting on the loudspeaker to make his point.

But none of us would stand against this? And if someone gathers the courage to vent his disagreement to a system that has been in place for years without the consent of people, they are tagged as ‘Anti-Religious’.

Tell me how many of you like when you are peacefully sleeping and then suddenly you start hearing some random loud noise. Do you like it? Ok forget sleeping, because I know Sonu Nigam has been trolled so much about that. Say you are having your final exam tomorrow, you are studying something with full concentration and you feel that you will be able to finish off the syllabus just in time. But, the next second, something from the loudspeaker disturbs you. Would you like that? I am hoping all of us have face such issues in the past. Yet, we did not ever try to find a solution to it.

Reason –  Ohh India is a land of controversies I have started to believe, where media just abuses its power to make the things sound interesting. And some people are always ready to scrutinize every single word you say, completely overlook the intent behind why that was said, and make an issue, name it RELIGION. For God’s sake, stop doing all this in the name of God. The supreme being would never want you to fight for him.

My dear fellow Indians, I request you to stop being so blind. Open the doors of your minds and see what the person wants to say before passing on your judgements.

You got the poor guy bald. For no mistake of his.

Ohh wait no, he was at mistake. He chose to speak in India as he would have some day read in his books that he had the ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Grow up guys.


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