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Statue of Liberty

New York, a dream destination for everyone who loves to travel – after all who does not want to get clicked with the Torch Lady!!

We got to fulfill our dream when we planned for our trip to New York and Niagara. I will tell you about my experience at Niagara falls in a separate post. Specifically because they are two extremely different destinations.

So New York, like every other Metro city, has a fast-paced life, full of hustle-bustle. We had such high hopes when we were going there, but all our plans came to a standstill when it started to rain there as we were dressed for summers, with no preparation for rain, let alone the cold chilly winds that were there.  Amrit had almost given up all hopes of being able to see around NYC as we were with our little one. But with a ‘Never give up’ attitude that I have, I made us catch the Hop on-Hop Off Bus tour to take a look at the high-rise buildings and to gather the knowledge of all the history of NYC.And luckily, by the time the bus tour ended, it stopped raining. I can’t even explain how happy we were!

We got down at Battery Park to board a ferry to the Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty is. The weather had become really cold, but it did not bring down our enthusiasm a bit, after all we were living the dream.

Statue of Liberty

As soon as we reached there, I was so amazed to see the gigantic statue that is the face of US. Standing high with all its pride with people everywhere.


We began taking pictures, where suddenly Amrit pointed at the beautiful city view. New York Skyline looked so amazing from there.

From over there, we went straight back to Battery Park and then to the World Trade Memorial. It breaks my heart to even think of the tragedy that happened there. It is a memorial and museum commemorating the September 11, 2001 attacks, which killed 2,977 victims, and the World Trade Center bombing of 1993, which killed six.

Then we went to the One World Observatory. It is the tallest building and gives a mesmerizing view of the  invincible spirit of the City. It is an outcome of a lot of innovation and it you can see it as soon as you step into the Elevator. The whole story behind the architectural marvel is showcased in the elevator within the few minutes that you take to reach the topmost level.

We took the One World Explorer Tour as well. This hand held augmented-reality tour highlights important landmarks of the city – so just walk around with the tab and it will show you various different attractions of NYC along with their history.

One World Observatory

After having our appetite full with the city’s history and knowledge of the most important attractions, we left for yet another amazing experience

Our next stop was the Charging Bull at the Financial Street. The charging Bull was first conceived as a way to celebrate the can-do spirit of America and especially New York, where people from all other the world could come regardless of their origin or circumstances. After waiting in a long queue to get our photo clicked with the internationally famous bull, we went on for yet another adventure.

This was boarding the Subway train. Being in New York, how can that be missed right? The subway system is the main public transportation system in New York. It is one of the oldest and largest public transportation systems in the world.

Having had a ride on the Subway train, we got down at the Times Square, did some shopping before the area gets all lit up with fascinating LEDs.

Times Square

Then we took a stroll to the most talked about structures if New York – yes you are right, The Empire State Building. Again there was a long queue as people just wanted to experience the breathtaking night view of the city from the top. And I must tell you, it was well worth the wait.

After having an eventful day, we had a hearty dinner and then retired to our hotel room. We visited all the spots that we wanted to, owing to that feeling of accomplishment(or probably getting too tired), we sank into our beds only to wake up late next morning and then driving back to the airport with another experience checked off from our Bucket-List. We experienced the city in the city’s pace.

Please share your NYC experiences with us in the comments below.





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