What you should never say to a pregnant woman?

Stress at the pregnant woman at home

Being pregnant is not just all pampering. It is exhausting as well. Those who have been through it, they know what it means. However, once the phase is over, people usually forget what they would have never wanted to hear when they were pregnant themselves. They suddenly become overly concerned and start burdening the pregnant woman with all the useless questions which do not really matter to either them or her.

So, next time you see a pregnant woman, please do not say these below things :

  • You look Tiny – Oh yes, you might be concerned. But really, a pregnant lady would never want to hear this. So please, keep these thoughts to yourself. Don’t make her feel that she is not growing the baby right. Oh but you have seen people growing bigger bellies. Good for them!
    You look tiny
  • Catch up on your sleep while you still can – Firstly, no she is not able to get her sleep due to being oversized and with all the discomfort she has. Also, whenever she tries to sleep, a football match starts inside her. Secondly, she is hoping that once the baby comes, she might be able to get her sleep back. And your not so comforting words would just exhaust her even more. So please, don’t say this. Even if you mean all good. No No.sleepless during pregnancy
  • Can I touch your belly? – Ok that’s her belly, and her being pregnant does not give you the freedom to ask to touch her. You are just making her uncomfortable with this. That might bring “Good Luck” to you as you may have heard, but no, she definitely wouldn’t like you touching her. So do something else for the good luck instead.Man's Hand Touching Belly of Pregnant Woman
  • Was it planned? – Now this one is another great one. If it was planned then good,but if it wasn’t, why do you have to know and why do you have to remind her. If she really wants to share that, she will share that by herself. You need not be so concerned and piss her off. Its a baby and not a movie night that you can simply ask if it was planned.Was it planned
  • What’s up with your morning sickness? – Well, are you planning to help her if she has morning sickness? if yes, then please go ahead and ask her as to how you can help her. But if no, then please don’t remind her of the time she is going through, which for now she had forgotten probably.Morning Sickness
  • Why do you look so tired – Haha. Funny one.She is growing a human inside her and you ask her why she looks tired. She is not able to eat well and sleep well and then there are people who ask these questions that make her go out of her mind. She looks tired because she is tired. You don’t have to say that as nothing can really be done about it. If you really are concerned about her being tired, then offer to cook her a meal instead.WHy tired
  • Are you having mood swings – Why is that even a question I don’t really understand. Everyone has that. The hormones are going whirlwind and you ask this. What do you expect? Should she smile back and answer or should she have another mood swing?

If you have been pregnant, I am sure you would be able to relate to this. If you had some more such questions that bothered you while your pregnancy, please drop a comment below.

And, if you know someone who is pregnant, please avoid saying these. She doesn’t really want to hear this.




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