The best apps for a Long Distance Relationship

When in a long distance relationship, it becomes really difficult to actually feel your partner next to you, or even keep your schedules in sync. If I talk about our courtship period, we too had our own challenges. The only thing that can make your relationship stronger in this case is communication. Yes, just talk, talk and talk. But the solution and problem are so inter-related. However, with the advancement of technology, we have a few workarounds for you that can make your time more memorable and enjoyable. Here is a list of apps that you ca use! And since we do not live in the age of pigeon messengers, we hope they will help you out.


Most of these are the ones that me and my husband personally used in our own courtship period.

  • Avocado – Far, far away yet so close. Yes, this app helps the long distance couples form their very own sweet world. We personally loved to use this app. It offers sharing messages, photos, lists privately. You can get the app here .


  • Couple –  This is yet another app that is not much known but helped us a lot when we missed each other badly and so wanted to feel the presence of each other. No no. It does not make you time travel or any sic-fi thing like that. But it lets you thumb kiss your partner. Now isn’t that interesting. You both touch the screens of your apps and as soon as the thumbs are located at the right locations, it makes the device vibrate as if completing the connection between you two. It also lets you both doodle around in real time together. You can find the  download links for iOS and Android


  • Skype – Known to almost everyone active on the internet. The Skype app allows you to see your loved one and feel that though miles apart, yet, they are always close to heart. We always used to have long Skype calls and even had dedicated time for it!! It used to be fun.


  • WhatsApp – Well who is not aware of whatsapp? It has become one of the most used apps for messaging. Me and my husband made the best use of technology and used whatsapp to the fullest for our long-distance ‘ohh so long’ calls. I wonder how people in early days used to communicate when the call rates were so high. Thanks to internet and the smart developers that we just need internet plans!!


  • Wunderlist – Are you the type who like to make bucket lists? Then this is one app that you must try. We used to have great fun making our combined bucket lists. They can range from travel to home to  future to as far as you can imagine. It also helps you both to get to know each other more and better. You can create an account here.


  • Bliss – Well, truly speaking, we haven’t tried this one ourselves, but, have always heard of some amazing awesome features that this app provides. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try. You can find the download like for iOS and Android.

Though there may be times when you really miss each other so bad that you wish to meet your partner just once, see them in front of you or just feel them; but you are helpless. However, you can still make the right use of the technology and that would help you to a huge extent if not completely. I totally understand what missing your loved one feels like! But I also know that its worth the wait. So don’t lose your heart.

Just go ahead and use and abuse technology for your benefit. Love knows no boundaries after all!

If you know of any such great apps that might help out our other friends out there who are having a tough time, then please leave the suggestions in the comment section below.

We would love to hear from you!


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