Flying with infants – Tips and Tricks

Flying with infants can be a real tough job, and when it is the first trip, one really does not know what you would do. Same was the situation with me a few weeks back when we went for new years’ celebrations to Vegas.


I was all so worried about my daughter’s health, who, by the way was 2.5 months old then and it was her first flight as well. So, first flight of 5 hours and first trip. I was going nuts till a few days before the travel. Then I met her pediatrician who said I need not worry and there is nothing that would  cause an issue. I was surprised! And thought OK lets see.But yes, he was right. The trip went awesome.


There were a few things we took care of so that it goes well. I am sharing the same with you as they might help you as well:

  • Book a seat for the infant even if it costs you more – This was the most important part of the trip. We did not realize how essential it was until my we flew. So it was a 5 hours long journey and she travelled in my lap as mostly all the infants do. And as she was not that comfortable, she got cranky and gave us a tough time as we reached the hotel. We learnt it the hard way! But then we arranged for a seat for her on the return journey, secured the car seat on it, made her sit on it and voila, she was a happy baby – no fussing. Lesson learnt!!
  • Stock your diaper bag with all the essentials – You never know what your baby might need at any time. So I always had her diapers, wipes, extra change of clothes,body lotion and feeding stuff always handy. Depending upon the health of your little one, you might also want to carry some diaper rash cream and baby Tylenol.
  • Make your baby suck while take off and landing – This piece of advice you would find everywhere. Some people ask you to feed the baby while some would ask to give a pacifier. Well the logic behind it is to regulate the air pressure so that the baby does not get ear pain. I tried both, and to my surprise, they work. No problems due to the changing air pressure.
  • Ensure that you do not sit next to a sick person – Babies have a weak immune system, they are still building it. It is best to avoid being around sick people.
  • Use sanitizer after coming in contact with foreign objects and before touching your baby – This is one advice that must be paid the most heed. Sanitize the stuff that baby comes in contact with. I am not asking you to go about wiping everything crazily, but yes, make sure baby does not touch the dirty stuff. The seats and other equipments in the flight come in contact with a lot of people and thus contaminated.

These were the basic precautions and steps I took and they ensured a safe and happy flight for my baby. Hope this helps you as well in your next travel plans with your baby.

If you have any more such tips or tricks, then please comment below. I would love to hear from you.


Till then, have a happy flight. Love to your little ones!!


  1. I have been flying with my son in domestic airlines ever since he was was tiny. now waiting for his second birthday so that he gets a seat of his own!

  2. I don’t have kids but I have seen my friends and brother travel with kids. I know it is not an easy tasks to travel with kids. The tricks you shared here are quite useful.

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