My First Snowfall Experience : Duluth for Christmas

I am a person whose wishlist just keeps on growing. Yes, I am not easily satisfied. And why should I be? The life is so small with so much things to do and experience. One such wish of mine was to see snow and majorly snowfall. I know that is not much of a wishlist to the people living out there in the cold chilly areas, but for someone like me, who lives in Florida, which is ever sunny, it is a big thing.

So to realize my dream, Chai and Cherry set out on a new adventure to celebrate Christmas in Minnesota. After some research, Amrit(my husband) also found out that US’s biggest Christmas town happens every year in Duluth, so it was bound to be on our itinerary.

I packed our bags, with special cautions and loads of clothes for my 1YO. Luckily, since it was Thanksgiving time, I grabbed some really good deals for all the stuff that I wanted to buy for the trip, and topped it off with some cash back from Ebates(You can read more about it here) woohoo!

The moment our flight landed, I had already started to feel chilly. But when we stepped out of the airport, the winds were biting cold. But the dream was yet to be fulfilled – as we were heading to the hotel, we saw some snow on the curbside, but that didn’t happen to look very fascinating to me, as I had some other view in my mind.

We spent another day in Minneapolis and had some really amazing experience there before heading to Duluth, to see the Bentleyville Christmas Town. We boarded our bus and I was awe-struck at the beautiful scenic drive. The trees were all covered with a thick white blanket of snow that made everything look so pure and added to the beauty of Mother Nature. It all looked so mesmerizing to me that it seemed hard for me to keep my eyes off.

We again checked the Weather report, but sadly, there was no snow expected during our stay, so I made myself happy by just thinking that I at least saw the beauty of nature and would now see how beautiful the christmas town would look, and let me tell you, we loved every bit of it. After having visited Bentleyville, we retired to our beds seeking some coziness as it was literally freezing outside.

In the morning, when Amrit woke up and checked outside, you won’t believe – Yes, it was snowing! I began to dance in happiness to look at those tiny little snowflakes, yay, I saw the first snow of my life. We took no time in getting ready with all our snowier on to go and experience bliss.

Snow on the roofs

We stepped out and I felt the snow falling on me. I can’t put it to words how happy I was. My feet were all covered with snow, it was so cold, but the sheer happiness did not let it overpower my willingness to have some fun out there.



I was so excited I had my hands full with snow and heart full with joy. We took so many pictures and also played in the snow. Have a look here. The experience has left a deep sense of happiness in me. Somehow the white town has brought about some sort of peace that I really can not put in words.

With another one struck off from my Bucket List, we would go on and look up on what’s next.

Till then, if you would like to share some of your experiences with snow, we would really love to hear them.

Keep traveling, as someone has rightly said, Not all who wander are lost!



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