How I save loads on what I shop – Its not couponing!

Like most of us, I love to shop. And most of the times, it is hard on the wallet. While I can do nothing about that (yes I won’t give up shopping any time), I have found out ways to make it hurt my finances less and save some money. Also, it is just these one-time setups, with which I need not do anything extra that let me get to pay lesser.

My personal favorite isĀ Ebates. Let me tell you why :

Ebates is a cash back website that pays back for your shopping and also applies the best coupons to the Online checkouts. Want to see my current cashback balance from ebates :

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

It is as easy as downloading and enabling a plugin on your browser and then you don’t have to spend hours searching for the best coupons available. Yes, Ebates does it all for you. Imagine the amount if time it saves. Also saves you from the regret of not using the right coupon. How amazing is that!

Also, as I told earlier, it is not just coupons, but cashback also, it is like earning for what you spend. And let me tell you a little secret, there are days when I am even able to score as high as 10% cash-back. And it is not just the unknown small businesses that give you a cash back on, it has all the big brands giving away the cash-backs.

Want to have a look what is offered today as I am writing this post :

So, think about this – You use a credit card to make payment that earns you cash back, on top of it you have applied the best of the coupons available AND you get cash-back. It brings down the price of stuff a lot. It means more money to shop or save some while still being able to shop whatever you want. Sounds awesome isn’t it.

What are you waiting for, just go and give a shot to Ebates. It won’t cost you anything, but perhaps, would get you some money back.

Happy shopping!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back



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