An addition to the Bucket List – The Dome Theater

Each one of us has a bucket list, and for me, it just keeps on growing. I am sure, there are many of you, who, just like me keep looking out for more and more stuff. And to whom lifetime to seems to be less for the options are endless.So let me just suggest you one more that should be added to the list – Dome Theater.

 Watching a movie at the dome theater:

It may not sound that interesting at first and you might wonder that what is so special about going to a theater that it needs to be added to the bucket list. But mind  you, it is an experience worth cherishing.

You might have visited various theaters, watched ample movies at the big screen, but watching one at the dome theatre changed my whole theatre experience.

Now as I have been advocating so much about it, let me tell you What a dome Theatre actually is?

So we are all accustomed to watching movies on flat screens. But when you get to see that sitting on a reclined chair on a huge dome roof with a feeling that you are in the movie, then, I am sure anybody would love it.

I watched ‘National Parks Adventure‘ and the experience was so great that I felt that I was in those national parks myself – enjoying the beauty of each one of them.

My mind was made to believe that I was moving along with the actors in the movie. I could feel those butterflies in my stomach that we feel on descending from a huge height. I could feel the thrill of mountain climbing – all sitting at my seat with no movements to my chair(so it was definitely far different from the 4D+ movies), but I could so feel every bit of it. It was a pure scientific pleasure.You can get an idea of it with this video

What made us go there?

Well me and my husband were just having a lazy weekend when we decided to go to MOSI, which in fact has the IMAX dome theatre that I have been talking about all this time. And I must say, it has been a memorable experience. The entire time I was just amazed at the marvels of Science! You can get the complete details of the theatre here.

I would suggest each one of you to look out for options and visit the dome theater at least once in your lives. I am sure, you would not regret a bit of it!!

If you have any other such experiences at any of the dome theaters, please feel free to comment. We would love to hear from you 🙂

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