Dil mein ‘Delhi’

Once a Delhi wala, always a Delhi wala !!

I have been born and brought up in the majestic Delhi. The city that has everything – be it the splendid history or the street food. And now that I am married and my husband is from Hyderabad, and we currently are in the US, all my heart  aches for is my dear Delhi. Delhi is a city you can never get enough of.

Let me tell you about what I miss the most about my hometown/my Delhi/the capital of nation… arghh.. to me the list never ends..!!

Top 5 things every Delhiite loves about Delhi:

  1. The mouth-watering food

Delhi is world-famous for its food. And when you are someone who has grown up there, you know all the right places to visit to satisfy the foodie in you.

Delhi has it all –  the road side gol gappas to the Mexican Tacos. You name it, we got it!

It brings water to my mouth whenever I talk to my parents and they tell me that they are going out for food. Some things you never get elsewhere.

  1. The beautiful places

I was born in Mehrauli which has its own splendid history. I remember going for morning walks to Qutub Minar attending the morning Ganesha Arti over there and returning with a bag full of the fresh mogra flowers. Delhi has rich history and all the forts speak of it – I especially miss boating at old fort with ice creams, the bhels and chuskis at India gate for a weekend picnic. And that’s not all, the science geek in you can visit places like the Nehru planetarium, the national science center and the plethora of museums. I remember how as a kid I enjoyed spending my vacations going to all these places.

Now with the Mall culture prevailing, Delhi again has an unending list with the ones like Select City walk  being the youth favorites. And talking about the youth favorites, I am sure, everyone of us loves hanging out with friends at Hauz Khas Village and CP.

  1. The Dilli wala attitude


Well, everyone knows that, its pretty easy to spot a DilliWala/DilliWali. We have our own Tashni lingo with words like Totta, Kainth. Tod. We also probably have the copyrights of ‘Tu janta nh mai kaun hu’. What more, we call everyone ‘Bhaiya’. If you have lived in Delhi, you probably too say things like ‘Chawal-shawal,roti-shoti’. Delhi rocks in  its dialect.

  1. Street shopping

Ahh who doesn’t love shopping. When it comes to shopping at the places whereyou get stuff at unbelievable prices, you never want to do just window shopping(even if you made up your mind that you won’t buy much!!). I personally loved shopping at Kamla Nagar and Janpath. You get such an awesome variety and so cool stuff that the high-end malls fall pretty behind in the race with them. They fit your pocket well and voila, you get an amazing wardrobe collection, which, ehem ehem, you can easily say is from Zara. Oh yes we girls do that all the time.

  1. Delhi metro

In the ever-increasing traffic of Delhi, the easiest and the most comfortable way to get to a place is my favorite Delhi metro. It is the people’s vehicle and in the scorching Delhi heat and now the ever-increasing pollution, you would never want to get stuck on the roads. Yes, getting near the Rajiv Chowk metro station and the Yamuna bank station, where you get sandwiched and can’t even move an inch gets a little frustrating. But again, the rest of the times, its great. I personally feel that it is the best mode of travelling in Delhi. The best thing that has happened to Delhi after the Gol Gappas is the Delhi metro.

Guys if you have any such love for your hometown, please leave a comment below and let us know what you like the most about your city!



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