The cruise to Bahamas

When it comes to giving surprises, my husband can really leave one awestruck. A similar surprise just after our marriage was – our first trip – and it was not just a trip but – ‘A Cruise to Bahamas‘. Well telling you frankly, I wouldn’t have even dreamt about it. But here he was, with the perfect honeymoon plan!

So just post marriage we began our preparations and then finally started our road trip to Jacksonville where we were supposed to board our cruise. It was Carnival Fascination(You can find more details about the cruise line here) – the huge cruise whose first sight left me wonderstruck.

We checked in and got our first boarding photo clicked. The cruise had a whooping 10 floors and its own water slides, Jacuzzi, mini golf, activity areas for kids, dance shows; and it was just the beginning.

We entered into our balcony stateroom from where we could admire the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean while sipping our cups of coffee at our comfort. It was all like a fairy tale.

After unpacking, we went straight on to exploring the ship which was no less than a wonderland for us.

All decked up, so many activities going around, it was so much fun. We  were quiet worried about sea-sickness though. Thank God, it did not take a toll on either of us and we could enjoy the entire cruise to  the fullest.

The one thing that fascinated me the most during our cruise was the meals. It was like a paradise for the foodies!

We also had a special night reserved as the elegant night where we had to dress and dine in formal. We had professional photographers on board and they gave us a feeling that we were no less than the posing celebrities! Want to have a look? Here you go :

So, as per the itinerary, we were supposed to visit Nassau(the Bahamas capital) and Half moon cay(it is more like a private island and offers the amazing experience of horseback riding in the oceanic waters).

Our first port was Nassau.  This is the capital city of Bahamas and as soon as you step on to the land, you will see a flood of braiders and all the colorful stuff from sea shells to clothes to paintings. It is a well-developed city with a plethora of options for foodies.

We did some shopping as a part of the treasure hunt of our cruise and then from there we headed straight to the Atlantis Paradise Island.

It is a beautiful resort with an amazing beach and great water activities. We took the very informative tour of the lost city of Atlantis where I had the chance to hold a beautiful starfish and an enormous crab(frankly I was  little scared to hold it and while doing that even dropped my sunglasses in the pool). There, one also has the option of swimming with the fishes in the resort aquarium. It is a great experience in itself. We had a really fun-filled day at Nassau.

After that we headed straight back to our cruise and again savored the sumptuous meals. We also enjoyed a couple of shows on-board which were choreographed in a really amazing way. And then headed to play bingo, and guess what – we even won.Yay! Apart from the cash money that we got, it was amazing as an experience as random people everywhere were congratulating us and we even got famous in the cruise staff – people could recognize us as the couple who won at Bingo. Then we finally retired to our room as we were excited to enjoy the next day at Half moon cay.

With much excitement we went to have breakfast the next day. But little did we know that it won’t last for long. It was a really stormy weather and the captain announced that we won’t be able to dock at Half Moon Cay and so, that spot won’t be visited 🙁

We could do nothing but think of how to make the most of our time on cruise and so we decided to take the ‘Behind the Scenes‘ tour of the Cruise.(We also have special merchandise from the tour) And man, I must say, it was a great decision. We toured the entire cruise – the engine rooms, the chef’s kitchen, laundry rooms and even the Captain’s room. It was so informative and showed the real hard work that goes behind the amazing experience that the people on-board get to have. I would recommend this tour to everyone who gets an opportunity!

And then came in the surprise from the captain – we were to visit Freeport the next day. Freeport is yet another amazing island where we visited the Freeport beach and enjoyed the delicious coconut water. We had a great time over there.

The cruise was all in all an amazing experience and we would definitely love to re-live those moments in future as well.

If you have any such amazing travel experiences, please share with us in the comments below!








    • You are talking about sea-sickness.. I was pregnant when I went for the cruise.. So morning sickness was a friend of mine then.. But I still enjoyed every bit of it.. And there are sea-sickness patches easily available at the pharmacy if you make up your mind some day..

  1. Cruising is one heck of an experience! Seeing water everywhere around till yours eyes can see..aahh it’s so mesmerizing!

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