Rides you must take at Busch Gardens Tampa

I always thought that I was an adrenaline-junkie and I am brave enough to take any of the scariest of the rides. Until I went to Busch Gardens, Tampa. This visit completely changed my perception of my bravery. Blame it to the first ride I took. You can read about it in the post that follows.

Why to visit Busch Gardens, Tampa?

Busch gardens is a perfect place for every age group. It has a wide range of activities that one can do – from the peaceful sky-ride to watching the little penguins to riding on Cheetah Hunt. There is a wide variety of foods available too. What is more interesting is that it also hosts a number of shows, and they are amazing too. I have watched almost all of them and I can watch them again any number of times without getting bored.

I have always loved going there. The time I was pregnant, we used to go there very frequently to just look at the beautiful surroundings and so many animals. We always took the Serengeti Express to take a tour of the entire Busch gardens. It used to be fun. But I had been missing the fun of taking the rides.

So this time, even though my annual pass had expired, I was adamant on going to Busch gardens and take the rides and I must tell you, it was so much fun.

As you already know that we have a baby, so it was pretty sure that either of us has to be with the baby and only one of us could ride. So, I took most of the rides and my dear husband voluntary let me have that fun.

So here are the top rides that you too must take if you get a chance to go to Busch Gardens:

This one happens to be my personal favorite. So much so that I wrote a full post about my experience of a ride on it. You can read it here to find out what is so special about this one.Falcon Fury

Once you take a ride on this one, you too will have an opinion similar to mine. I got out alive..!! Here is the video of my experience riding the beast.


This happens to be the longest ride at Busch gardens. cheetah huntIf you are seeking for some thrilling adventure, then this one is definitely the ride you must take. I was so excited to take this one that I literally rushed into the quick queue as the park was about to close. But all that running was so much worth it. The speed with which the roller coaster was amazingly high and that was the best part of it. The name of the ride really matches the Cheetah speed.


If you are someone who does not mind getting drenched, then this ride offers a great white water rafting experience.congo rapids

What is more interesting is how the turns surprise you. We were just sitting and admiring the beauty of the ride when splash!! You would never know when you might get a splash of water on you. It is so much fun!


  • Montu montuThis is one roller coaster that I really really wanted to hop on to. But could not. I had been eyeing it all through my pregnancy. Grr why does Busch not open for a little longer. I could have taken this one as well. Enough of my rant, let me tell you why I wanted to take this ride and why you should too. It is an inverted roller-coaster with a 60ft vertical loop. Also, it was the first coaster in the World to incorporate an Immelmann loop. I really hope to ride this some day!!



It is a 200ft dive that completely drenches you and what is more fun is the enormous speed. Imagine diving at 70mph at an almost 90 degree angle. Brave enough to try this out?

For me it was one perfect day at Busch gardens. I was able to take most of the rides that I wanted to.

But there is much more to Busch gardens than these rides. So next time you plan a trip to the Tampa area, don’t forget to visit Busch Gardens. You will love it as much as I did. Maybe more!!

Also, please share your experience with us! We would love to hear it from you.

Happy traveling.



  1. Love roller coasters! I’m sure we will make a trip here one day, so I will save this for later! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve never been to Busch Garden but it sounds like a great place to take the kids. We are planning a trip to Florida next winter break, I bet they’ll be some great deals. I will have to put this on our to do list.

    • Hi Tracey,

      You got it right,Busch Gardens Tampa is a great place for kids. I especially like their Sesame Street fun.

      And Florida is the best place to stay warm during Winters.

      About the deals and discounts, I am not very sure.

      Hope you have a great time there!!

  3. I am not an adrenaline junkie but have had my fair share of fast rides in my life! I live in the UK and one of our best parks is Alton Towers. I’ve been on every ride there and also taken a trip just to tour the gardens, which are spectacular and well worth seeing too.

    Enjoy the journey!

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