The blessing called Parenthood!

Little did I know what being a mother means, but as soon as I held my daughter Ameeksha in my arms, my world changed, forever.

I will share her birth story here and how she has brought about a complete change in my outlook towards life.

Her due date was still a week later, but I could not feel her move since morning and so we decided to go to the doctor for a checkup. Unaware of the fact that our little bundle of joy would come early, we patiently got all the tests and ultrasounds done and then we were told that they could not let me go home as I was having low amniotic fluid and so, the doctors wanted to deliver her right away. Though my husband really wanted her to be a scorpion, she was to be delivered just a day early and she would be a libra. We tried reasoning with the doctors, but they sad that they did not want to wait and so I was to be prepped up for the C-section.

The IVs started and I was starting to get a little nervous now. But I had my major support system, my husband beside me all the time which gave me some strength. He also tried to lighten the moment by dressing up in the scrubs way ahead of time. He also clicked some funny pictures where he pretended to be the doctor operating upon me. The things he does!

And then came the time when I was taken to the Surgery area. I was being given epidurals and I had started to feel numb when my husband too joined me there and held my hand and gave me strength to go through the surgery. There I was, anxious and nervous, wondering how it would go and scared like anything, but what was on the way turned out to be the biggest joy of my life! Then the doctors began the surgery. Though I was given the anesthesia, I could still feel them, they were cutting me down there, trying to push my baby down. It was hurting, but my husband just kept on saying that everything would be fine. I was in pain and wanting my baby to come out safely. Those few minutes I had prayed to all my Gods I must tell !

And then there was the one last push and the whole OT cheered to see my darling daughter. More than anything, she became really famous very quickly for her long pretty eyelashes. And there I was, I knew she had come out, I knew we had done it. I and my husband both had those tears of joy that everyone talks about, we had a new member in our family now, our daughter, our lovely baby Ameeksha. The world changed for us, or rather, she became our world. We became the frame and she became the photo.

As soon as I held her against me, I felt that now I have done something really worthy and now I understood what being a parent means. Suddenly I could feel a lot of emotions and started feeling much more responsible. That very moment, my life got a new meaning. Not only could I feel eternal love towards her, but my love for my husband increased as well, after all he is the one who gave me this joy of motherhood.  It also made me realize what all my parents would have done for me. Ameeksha just brought me closer to everyone, she made me more human.

Parenthood indeed is a blessing!

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