Top 5 tips for women safety!

The one thing that hurts me is the sad state of women everywhere. There is no place on earth that can be declared as completely safe for women. They are molested, they are abused, not allowed to live a life they deserve. Why? Just because they are the ones that are considered as the weaker gender – the ones who would always need help – the ‘Abla Naari’! The common notion that prevails is that they cannot help themselves.

And I would say that it’s not just the society that is to be blamed. We too are at fault. We too risk our safety and yes, we too consider ourselves weak. We expect the government to take measures for women safety, we expect the mindset of people to change, we expect…. A lot! But what do we ourselves do about it? We pity and feel sorry for the sad state of women’s safety; but have we ever thought what we can do to make ourselves safe?
Here are some of the things we can do that can help us at least be in a better position that in what we are today.

  1. Fear not – Fear is the most powerful enemy of anybody. The more you fear something, the more it haunts you. So, the first step to ensuring safety is to overcome your fear. You have already crossed half the path if you can do this. The weaker people tend to be the easier targets and if an attacker senses that you are not afraid of them, then they, definitely would give a second thought as you might fight back and thus, they might land in trouble.
  2. Learn some sort of self-defense – Now when I talk of self-defense, I am not talking about earning a black belt or something. It can even be the regular self-defense summer camps that are held. I myself attended one such camp organized by Crime Against Women Cell, Nanakpura and ladies, let me tell you, now I am not at all afraid of any such situation that might come up my way. They tell you the correct strategies and how to use the most common objects (pen, safety pins, books, even a dupatta) that we always have around us for our safety, but tend to ignore due to lack of awareness. It brings about a lot of difference. Please ditch some lesser important stuff and do something for yourself and your safety.
  3. Be Aware of your surroundings – Another great thing that I have learned is to be aware of what is happening around us. Most of the times what we see is that we are so engrossed in our mobile phones or similar things that we overlook any impending danger. So, put your cell phone aside and know what/who is around you. Ignoring won’t help but knowing might.
  4. Know what to do in a situation of crisis – A crisis can come up anywhere and anytime. What is important is to know how to tackle it. Here I would like to take you back to point no. 2 as there, you would know with a lot of examples as to what should be done in such adverse situations. I always carry a pepper spray with me and yes, that is a step to my safety that I take.
  5. Believe in yourself and that you are no less – Last but not the least, do not consider yourself as weak. Do not let your gender decide your strength. You can do anything you want. Just believe in yourself and don’t let the world decide for you. Stand for your safety. Stand for yourself.

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