What if there were no roundabouts?

Driving is not just about being behind the wheels, it is a new learning everyday. So a few days back, when my husband was driving and I was enjoying the benefits of having a personal chauffeur(I mean my husband :P), he asked me this question. Got me thinking as well. And then I started pondering on the question as to why do we have them in the very first place. And it struck me that there would be so many people like me who go around the roundabouts day in and day out, but don’t really know why they are made.

So for those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I am talking about that circular path we go around that has multiple exits in different directions and to go to particular direction, we drive into the circular path and then take the exit that is intended to take us to our desired direction.

Now coming back to the question, why do we have them? What if there were no roundabouts?

Below is a compilation of the points that I found out about the significance of roundabouts

  • Reduced Driver Confusion


With the increasing traffic and the cross-sections and the huge number of different streets don’t you really get confused with who is trying to go first? Well, this was the reason why roundabouts came into picture. You can go one vehicle at a time, take the exit you desire and hey  – No Confusions!! Way lower accident rates than normal multi-way roads.

  • Ease for pedestrians

Pedestrians are always the ones who are most susceptible to accidents and mishaps. With the roundabouts, the pedestrians can be a little more stress-free while walking through the multi-path roads. The roundabouts ease the life of pedestrians to a huge extent!


  • Managed Traffic

This is exactly what would happen if there were no Roundabouts. Do I really need to explain more?

  • Less pollution and less emission

Well, needless to say, we really need to make a lot of stops at multi-way auctions. Roundabouts take away the need of all these faults. And there we get, much less emission.

  • Lesser honking and noise as compared to intersections and Junctions

Most of the intersections witness impatient commuters needlessly honking at the vehicles ahead. Since, the roundabouts make the traffic run smoothly, it eliminates the need of unwanted honking. Yay! Less noise and less exhaustion. After, a day’s work, you reach home peacefully. What else can one want? Thanks to the roundabouts.

Yeah, I know that there are other factors that can make you stresses, but the roundabouts are just taking away one of the reason.  So rejoice.

  • Most of them look beautiful

I will just let the picture speak for itself. Do we not need these beauties?


So, by now you would have the answer to the question –  What if there were no roundabouts?

If you have any other such interesting insights on the roundabout, please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear you!



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