Salman’s comment “Raped Women” was Right, yet being Wrong!

First things first,I am not a Salman Fan. And this post is not aimed at advocating him.

Salman Khan, the famous Bollywood celebrity was in controversy recently for his comments that had words like “Raped Women” and how he felt after shooting for his upcoming movie ‘Sultan’. It was bound to go controversial as it was out in market because this world cannot live in peace! It needs something or the other to make an issue and not really look into what it could mean from a neutral perspective.

For the people who haven’t heard what his exact words were, here you can. Hear me before you judge me.

Now here comes the question – Why do I think these words were wrong ? Salman Khan should realize the extent to which a Fan copies his star. Celebrities like him should understand that their fans can go to any limit to ape what their stars do – Be it the so famous hairstyle from ‘Tere Naam’, ‘Being Human’ T-shirt, his famous hand bracelet or be it his muscular body. A celebrity in India creates trends for whatever he/she does – be it right or wrong. Likewise, Negative words and actions by a celebrity, definitely needs to be checked consciously before being made public.

Comments involving words like “Raped Women” are definitely mind boggling.People tend to perceive things differently. It takes merely a few seconds for the insensitive people to coin the term as a source of laughter. Use it to giggle among friends/ or in groups to boost up one’s silly jokes. In the parallel universe, it takes just a few minutes for a Good person to understand why would one use this word in trying to make an analogy to support one’s statement and then, concluding it to be wrong. However, it needs an intellectual person to understand the context, intentions and analogy before being judgmental about it.

As per his comments “Raped women” & other such contextual message from any person anywhere, it was intended to be more of a comparison of the extreme levels of painful physical & mental suffering that a human can be subjected to. He was trying to share & compare with the agony of a raped women and so I think he was right in his analogy but wrong to announce in public because this world doesn’t understand easily. They just need to make an issue of whatever they can.

My heart goes out to the rape victims who have faced these heinous acts and agree that it is a sensitive issue that must be dealt with utter caution. However, making it more of a media sensation and repeating the same statements over and over again over the national televisions and social media was being insensitive to the same extent. An apology can not mend what has been said, but exploiting the power of journalism only worsens the issues.

On a lighter note …. I found this funny video on youtube from “Rakhi Sawant” on Salman’s Comment.   watch out here.

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