Why does pregnancy become so difficult – the myths make it so!

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life. It’s the time when you can feel a life within. When you feel like the creator. When you are closest to your baby – feeling her heartbeat, eating for her, drinking for her and even singing or reading to her. You fall in love with that little baby even before you get to hold her in your hands.

Yet, what I have seen is that it becomes really difficult and worrisome for many women. To live a normal and happy life during pregnancy and enjoy that phase is not easy. No, I am not exaggerating. This is because I have seen women are burdened with so many do’s and don’ts that more than enjoying the joys of motherhood, they are stuck in the web of these myths.

Here is a list of the most common myths that have even come to me as advices. This is for all the women to laugh who have been through this phase and heard all this, and also to those who are pregnant and so are bound to listen to them every other day – ladies, I feel you!

  1. Eat lots of Ghee(Buttermilk), it will make the baby slip out easily. Seriously!! Eating ghee would just add fats to the body that would make you bulkier and thus might lead to an unwanted C-Section. There is no way possible on earth that it would make the baby slip easily through the womb!
  2. No Sexual activities, it would harm the baby in the womb So this is another epic one. You are always advised to abstain from sexual activities. However, researches say that it is good for a pregnant lady to be sexually active. And no, it does not harm your little bundle of joy. He/she is well protected in the sac.
  3. If the baby poops in the womb, it can be fatal The baby produces meconium which is ingested by the infant and it is not always fatal. However there are only certain cases wherein fetal distress is diagnosed and that needs to be taken care of. Otherwise it is mostly just fine.
  4. If you suffer from heartburn doing pregnancy, your baby will have lots of hair I don’t know where this bizarre myth comes from. And it might have held true for some. But that might even be just a coincidence as there happens to be no medical evidence that would support it. And I do not have heartburns till now, should I be worried of the hairline of my baby? Oh definitely not!
  5. Eat for two while pregnant Now again an age old one – Why are you not putting up enough weight, don’t you know you must eat for two. OK ladies, I must not eat for two, I just need a few hundred extra calories for me and my baby to be healthy and rather I should be worried if I overeat.
  6. For our skin color obsessed people : Drink only milk for a fair-skinned baby. No dark colored beverages Well scientifically, what you eat/drink does not decide the color of your baby – no no.So, just go ahead and eat and drink whatever you like. But just stay away from alcohol and caffeine and you will be good.

Ladies, just enjoy this amazing phase of being closest to your child and being one in harmony with him/her. Do not over-stress yourself with everything that you hear. Believe in yourself, stay optimistic and both of you will just be fine!

Have a healthy, happy and safe pregnancy 🙂

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