How fasting can help you – Medically?

We have seen people fasting for religious reasons for ages now. But apart from that, there are ways in which fasting benefits our overall health!

Below is a list of facts that suggest how fasting is good and why we all must fast occasionally :

  1. It helps lose weight – This is one benefit of fasting of which almost all of us are aware. Fasting helps when people consume less amount of calories and thus optimize some hormones related to weight control.However,  it can also cause all kinds of health problems, including muscle loss. So, using excessive fasting for weight loss is a big No.
  2. It affects metabolism rate – When you limit food intake, your body senses this shortage of and slows down its functioning to conserve energy. Instead of boosting your metabolism, you may experience a suppression of your resting metabolism equal to as much as 20 percent.Your body becomes more efficient and burns fewer calories to do them than it would under normal diet.
  3. It improves hunger – If you frequently say that you don’t feel hungry, then fasting is the option for you. Regulated fasting helps to create a pattern of calorific usage and thus making the need of more food that wold bring your hunger back to normal once again.
  4. It improves your immune system – When you fast, you force your body to work extra hard to keep you going.Short-term fasting basically kick-starts your immune system. It forces your body to produce new white blood cells, and it floods your body with these disease-fighting cells. It’s like fasting hits the reboot button on your immune system, and by the end of those two or three days, you have a rejuvenated immune system.
  5. It helps you in getting a clear skin and preventing acne – Its common for pimples and other skin conditions like eczema to clear up faster when a person fasts. This happen because the toxins are flushed out when you fast. Who wouldn’t want to get a clear skin along with so many other benefits of fasting!

You can find some great information on fasting with the link below:

The Complete Guide to Fasting

How to fast: 

There are numerous ways to fast and it is entirely up to you. You can take it easy by dry fasting during the day and then end it with a small and healthy dinner. If you have the will, you can go on a 24 hour dry fast (no food or water) or a 24 hour water fast and then breaking it with a light and nutritious meal. You should repeat this fast for thirty days at least to reap the full benefits because your body will heal and detox its organs in stages.

If you’re trying to lose weight, try some exercise during the day. Exercising during a fast will boost your blood circulation, relieve headaches, and burn fat and remove toxins faster.

If you know of some more amazing benefits of fasting, then please leave a comment below.

Have a healthy and happy life ahead!

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