The depressing fake life of social media

Many a times we find ourselves depressed when we compare our lives with that of others! Most of us do not admit it, but yes, deep within the heart we often feel that we hate our lives when we see people on our friend list doing interesting stuff that even you might want to, but are unable to.

At this point, the very platforms that are meant to bring people together tend to sow a seed of hatred, as these people are living the lives that we always wanted to!

OK. But here comes the real question. How fake is the social media life that they are portraying? Are they really living a life better than us or are they just showing us the good parts of it EDITING out all that bothers even them?

Well each one of us has problems in our lives and we choose to show only a part of it on social media. However, being the master of our own lives, we know the ins and outs of our life, whereby we get an illusion that others have a life better than ours.


It is human to compare our lives with that of our friends or relatives. I don’t say that it is wrong in any way.  I won’t even say that you should be saintly and feel happy for them. But feeling bad for yourself and your life when you see a rosy picture of their lives is not very smart either. Mostly because you don’t really know what is going on in their life. Probably you would be even having a better life than most of them!

Want a proof of it? Just check out your own social media profile as a third person ignoring all that you see in your life but do not post. You will definitely feel that your profile as well is something that people would be jealous of.

Life on social media is what we show and not what it really is. So feeling bad about your own when seeing all those happy posts from others is  a big NO NO.

If you have any such instances that would  make you relate to the post then please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Happy posting and sharing! Have a happy life!


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