Dark Underarms – No more!

The issue of having dark  underarms is haunting, arising out which we tend to avoid wearing the sleeveless top-wear. It can be really irritating to find the perfect dress for you, but still not being able to wear it because of those dark underarms.

You try bleaches,medicines, fairness soaps, skin-whitening deodorants; but nothing seems to work. You just feel half-hearted because of this skin condition.

I tried to gather some information as to what causes these dark under-arms and then tried out some remedies to minimize the darkening, and yes it works.

So here I am, sharing the secrets with you.

Cause of Dark Underarms :

There can be many causes of dark under-arms. Some of the majority ones being as under:

  • Shaving the under-arms
  • Dead cells being accumulated
  • Reaction due to a deodorant
  • Excessive melanin production

You must be thinking that we know that we have an issue. Now we also know what might be causing it. But what do we do to be able to get over this problem.

Don’t worry I am sharing the tried and tested solutions.

How to get rid of dark underarms:

  • Start waxing your underarms instead of shaving them. When we shave, we leave some ingrown hair that makes the skin look darker. Also, when we wax, we get to remove a lot of tan from the skin, so it is a win-win situation.
  • Dead cells accumulate when we do not exfoliate properly. Include exfoliation in your daily routine. No, I am not asking you to pay hefty amounts at the parlors. I am just asking you to include a loofah in your bath regime. Clean your armpits well with the loofah. And every other week, scrub them.
  • Try changing you deodorant. Prolonged use of same brand can make your skin dark. Give yourself a life. Try a milder one for few days. You can even try squeezing a lemon into your bath bucket and just eliminate the need of having to use a deodorant.
  • Excessive melanin production is a medical condition that needs medical treatment. Consult a skin specialist and get it treated before it gets worse.


Hope this article helps your problem of dark underarms. If you have any suggestions about treating dark underarms please share with us by commenting below.


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