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Hello Readers,

You must be wondering about the name of the blog ‘Chai & Cherry’ – a little uncommon one is it? That is because it features the life and ideas of two people who are somewhat different from each other and still complement each other.  Yes, it is about our thoughts, So before you wonder who these people are, read below:

I am Apeksha and I live in Florida with my husband Amrit.We got married on Jan 31st, 2016. And he is the most motivated and hard-working person I have ever known. He is always there to motivate me as well to do things I never thought of doing.

You can have a look at our wedding video here : Our wedding

Chai & Cherry
Real life chai & Cherry

We have a little naughty baby girl, another A – Ameeksha,  who we love to spend time with. She teaches us something new everyday.

Parenthood is beautiful undoubtedly, yet is is very challenging.

I have been born and brought up in Delhi which holds a very special place in my heart and always will! Amrit is from Hyderabad which is yet another beautiful and amazing place to be. I have my bachelors in Computer Engineering and masters in Analytics from BITS Pilani.

This blog represents my thoughts on life, travel, pregnancy, food and everything in between. This is my first attempt at blogging and sharing my thoughts with everyone. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Happy Reading!!

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