A Trip to Vegas with Family

June 17, 2017 Apeksha Gupta 12

Las Vegas, the sin city, visiting it is a dream for almost everyone. For some, it is all the obvious reasons, but for others it is all about the grandeur and the ability to see so many places at one single place. ┬áConfused about what I am saying? Don’t worry [Continue Reading..]

Rides you must take at Busch Gardens Tampa

May 17, 2017 Apeksha Gupta 10

I always thought that I was an adrenaline-junkie and I am brave enough to take any of the scariest of the rides. Until I went to Busch Gardens, Tampa. This visit completely changed my perception of my bravery. Blame it to the first ride I took. You can read about [Continue Reading..]

Falcon’s Fury – The highest free fall

May 10, 2017 Apeksha Gupta 5

I have always been an adventure-seeker, always wanting to try something new. So much so that my motto in life is ‘Bring it on!!’. But life changes after you have a baby. This was the first time after my caesarean birth that I tried to do something adventurous, and man, [Continue Reading..]

No Picture

The cruise to Bahamas

September 20, 2016 Apeksha 8

When it comes to giving surprises, my husband can really leave one awestruck. A┬ásimilar surprise just after our marriage was – our first trip – and it was not just a trip but – ‘A Cruise to Bahamas‘. Well telling you frankly, I wouldn’t have even dreamt about it. But [Continue Reading..]

An addition to the Bucket List – The Dome Theater

August 4, 2016 Apeksha 0

Well each one of us have a bucket list, and for me, it just keeps on growing. I am sure, there are many of you, who, just like me keep looking out for more and more stuff that needs to be done. And to whom lifetime to seems to be less for the options are endless.
So let me just suggest you one more that should be added to the list – watching a movie at the dome theatre.