How to surprise your girlfriend/wife on her birthday

Birthdays are always special as you have all the attention from everyone on that day. And when it comes to women, they always like surprises. She is your sunshine, your pillar of strength and your one true love. So there must be some ideas to make her feel wonderful on her birthday.

I had my birthday a few days back and my husband had a lot of surprises in store for me that inspired me to write an article about it.

Below are few ideas that can be used to make the lady feel special:

1. Waking her up with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers and a heartfelt greeting

Nothing excites a lady more than fresh beautiful flowers by the bed side. And a greeting card that can convey your feelings would be a cherry on the top. This is definitely a must try. Provided you do not get busted by the girlfriend’s father. You are safe though if you are the husband!

2. Get her something she really wanted 

So my husband knew what I wanted. And to my surprise, I had that as a gift for my birthday. I am not asking you to spend a fortune like he did(yes they were quiet expensive). But you really know what she wants and what can fit your pocket. Just go for it. She will be glad to know that you care for her needs more than the gift itself and will cherish it through her life.

3. Take her for a dinner date

Good food is not only a way to a man’s heart! Even women savor good food, especially when they did not have to spend hours in the kitchen for it. Take her for a romantic dinner  and let the hotel know in advance about the occasion you are celebrating. Who knows you might get a complementary dessert like we got.

4. Book a couples movie

If your girl is a movie buff, then this definitely is going to be a hit. And a cozy movie is never a letdown. Place your bet on it.

5. Throw a surprise party

Now this one can be a little tricky and might require some real good planning. And you should be able to keep it a secret as well. I will tell you what my husband did. He had bought all the decorative stuff and given it to one of our friends at the same time inviting others and coordinating with them for the party. He took me out for a movie and at our home, there was this big celebration ready waiting for me. I was so happy to see all that. He really made my day with all this.

6. Make her feel special all day long

Do I really need to elaborate on this one? I think I have already spoken a lot about it in the previous points. Haven’t I? However, here is just a little bonus – try and space out the surprises through the day. What I mean is don’t shower everything at once so the celebrations can continue all  day long.

Hope this post helps in planning her birthday in a better manner this time.

There can be many more such ideas. I shared my experience!

If you have any more such interesting ideas, please comment below. We would love to hear it from you.

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